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About Us

It all started when my husband and I welcomed our first son Kycen into this world. We knew that we wanted him to have a dog of his own, like we each had growing up. We both had a golden retriever which to this day I believe is a wonderful family dog to own. I was always fascinated with the Goldendoodle. So to make my dreams come true, my husband got us our very first family dog Remi! Remi is a beautiful first generation Goldendoodle. As time went on, people non stop would ask us if we would have puppies, as they were very fond of our girl and wanted one from her specifically. After 3 years, we decided to go for it. Taking all the precautions to do it correctly, I found a mentor who had been doing poodles for over 20 years. We created a beautiful litter of mini Goldendoodles. To say they were a hit is an understatement. Before the litter was placed in their new home I already had a list of people waiting for the next. Not knowing if I was going to go forward or not, time had past and I continued to get calls asking for a puppy. The following year, there we were again.. another litter came and gone! Knowing that Remi is our family dog, I didn’t want her to have too many litters but also didn’t want this beautiful experience to end. After having our second son Maverick, we decided to add one more family dog. This is when we got Ellie, she is our perfect intense red abstract poodle. She is a baby whisperer. The bond they have is like nothing I have ever seen with a child and a pet. She is the sweetest, calmest, loving dog out there. My mom fell in love with her and she decided it was her turn to get a dog. She has never had a dog of her own EVER, she chose to get Zoey. A beautiful phantom Merle out of Alabama from the one and only Lord Zuko. Zoey lives her best life thinking she is a farm dog, out doing cows with my dad during the day and cuddled up at my mom’s feet at night. Here we are at 3 dogs in our program.. and it’s just the start. My grandma has always tried to have a dog, however she is allergic so it’s never worked out. I convinced her that she needed a poodle of her own after telling her over and over that she didn’t get my dog. Lol Grandma and I went partners on Stella, a beautiful phantom Merle out of Alabama. A year later, Grandma says she has never met a dog that connects to her like Stella does. This is where I tell people I am a firm believer that your poodle will be whatever you are. Whether it’s a hunting dog, family dog, lay around the house dog, or go out on the town dog. Recently my sister decided she was ready to get a pup of her own and wanted help finding the perfect match for her. We found her Josie Jane, a 10/10 intense red parti poodle. She is as perfect as perfect gets. So perfect that my brother went ahead and got her replica brother Nemo, also a 10/10 intense red parti moyen. Here we are.. one BIG, happy, POODLE LOVING family. 

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