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Merle Goldendoodle

ZaZa is a puppy from Malibu that made herself back to us. She is the sweetest girl ever. Very calm and loves to snuggle. She loves to play kids and other dogs. Very smart and just looking to make everyone around her happy. She is 23 pounds of fluff. Her brother Taz, and her get to hangout regularly and they are still quite the duo. We are very excited to continue Malibu's lines


Phantom Merle Poodle

Zoey is our AKC Phantom Merle coming from Alabama, daughter of the one and only Lord Zuko. Yes, she is a Southpaw puppy! Born July 10, 2021. With not only the best of the best testing she is so smart. This girl has the most athletic physique a dog can have.  Although she is very go go, she is very calm and loving the moment she is in the house. So really you get the best of both worlds with this girl.   Zozo lives in a guardian home nearby as a family dog.    She is so spoiled and we love it.



F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Gypsi is our perfect first generation MINI bernedoodle. She has the best INTENSE red phantom points at 8/10. She is roughly 40 pounds and fully grown. Gypsi lives nearby and is a therapy dog. She is the most affectionate, smart, loyal, and happiest girl you will ever meet.

Ee kyky atat BB SiSi Fi +/-.


Tri Merle Poodle

Gracie is one we kept from a retired mama. We birthed her, raised her from day one and to this day is with us. She is the sweetest girl. Loves all other animals and people.  She is so perfect, I say she is our model. She is a small standard, weighing  roughly 45 lbs.


Mini Bernedoodle

Izzy is a daughter from Gracie + Freddy's Litter. She is the cutest little girl ever. Mastered all puppy classes at a young age and is therapy certified. She is in a guardian home nearby, living her best life going to work as an office dog during the day and a family dog to to children at night. Very excited to watch her grow. 

EE kyky atat BB Sisp FF +/-.

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F1b Goldendoodle

Malibu is our F1b Goldendoodle. She is the PERFECT size. Exactly 18 inches tall & 30     pounds. Her birthday is February 4, 2021. She is in a guardian home nearby living her best life.

Ee kbky ata Bb SS FF +/-.



Intense Red Abstract Poodle

Ellie is our AKC Red Poodle. Born June 10, 2021.  Coming all the way from South Carolina. She is our hippie cool chic with nothing but chill vibes. She is a serious baby whisperer. She LOVES kids & babies as much as they love her. You will find her laying around the house or in the yard, wherever the kids are.. there she is. We know she will be the best future mama with how much love this sweet girl has. #nothingbutlovebaby


Intense Red Parti Poodle

Our little Josie Jane. This girl we have been looking for for quite some time now. She was right under our noses here in Idaho. AKC Red Parti Moyen Poodle. 10/10 intensity. Completely CLEAR! Standing at 18 inches and weighs 25 pounds. Born February 2, 2022. Josie is in a guardian home near by with her sister from another mister and baby mama. lol Her and Malibu get to run a muck together with their mama Linda in Twin Falls. 

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